What is the Table?

We are a spiritual community in Berkeley and Oakland, California.

Is this a church?

We are a community of people interested in nurturing our spirituality through small groups, common meals, service, and a variety of events and activities. Our interest is in providing opportunities to care for our spirits, care for each other and care for our community together. If you would say you are “spiritual but not religious” then you will probably fit in well with us.

What do you believe?

Our community represents a diversity of spiritual perspectives, and most of us approach our spirituality with thoughtful creativity. We are comfortable to live between the questions and the answers. We don’t have all the answers nor do we claim to even know all of the questions.

We are sure about a few things, though.

God is good, and we are part of that goodness. We believe that God has a heart for those living under oppression, whether it is poverty, sexism, violence, racism or GLTB justice issues. We believe that we have a responsibility to take part in creating justice for all of creation.

Our spiritual journey is just that—a journey. Our destination is unknown, and we are called to be companions for one another on the way.

When it comes down to it, we believe that God wants us to live with integrity, wholeness and compassion.

Where does the Table meet?

The groups and activities of the Table are hosted in many different venues in Berkeley and Oakland: coffee houses, community centers, parks and occasionally our homes. All of the facilities at which we gather are wheelchair accessible.

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