Drumming As Spiritual Practice

Connect with a primal and essential aspect of your spirituality through drumming! Rhythm is intrinsic to the world in which we live. Join us for an exploration of drumming as a spiritual practice. No drumming experience necessary. We will have some drums on hand to use during the gathering, so no drum is necessary either. Your interest in drumming and a desire to nurture your spirit are all that are required! This group meets every second and fourth Sunday evening at the Oakland Peace Center, 111 Fairmount Ave. in Oakland, California. 

Join us!  Questions?

Spiritual Practice For Recovery

This group is for people in recovery from addition, grief, illness, trauma and/or significant life change(s). We will gather for the spiritual practices of silence, reflection, storytelling and eating. The group will meet every first and third Sunday evenings of each month at the Oakland Peace Center, 111 Fairmount Ave. in Oakland, California. 

Potluck & Spiritual Topics

Nothing is as nurturing for our souls as sitting down to a meal and conversation! Monthly we gather around a table to share a potluck meal together and consider a spiritual topic or celabrate a special occasion together. We find ourselves open up to new perspectives and possibilities as we talk over food with new friends and companions on this spiritual journey. 

Caring For The Soul In Trauma

The Table was first developed to serve those who find themselves marginalized, traumatized or displaced from their spiritual community of origin. We are still called to meet people at the places of their deepest pain and walk with them toward healing and renewed joy. We host events and special group experiences that respond to the hurt, trauma and disenfranchisement of those in the community such as the Berkeley Homeless Persons' Memorial Service.