Posted by: Tami Groves
31st Dec 1969 05:33

We are creatures of comfortable routine. Every night my dog has a ritual that she performs without deviation before she settles down to sleep.  She grabs a pair of clean socks out of the open dresser drawer and jumps on the bed. She will circle around a couple of times with socks in mouth and then settle down for sleep with the socks nestled between her paws and head.  She is a creature of comfy habits.

Some of us have gotten into such a comfy routine with our spiritual practice that the meaning of the practice is lost on us. We might drone the same affirmation or prayer over and over until we no longer remember why it was instructive or helpful to us when we started. If your spiritual practice has become as automatic as my dog’s sock ritual then perhaps you might need to mix it up a bit.

Spiritual practice is intended to be a challenge.  It is no coincidence that the term Spiritual practice includes the word practice. In order to develop a spiritual attribute we must practice it. If we are not challenging ourselves then we are not growing. If we are not practicing that which challenges us then we will not continue to become that which we are intended to become.

The important thing to remember about Spiritual Practice is that it actually takes practice to incorporate a new way of being into the rhythm of our lives. Start today to challenge yourself to take one step each day toward developing a deeper spiritual awareness.  Spiritual growth and maturity is the result of intention, commitment and practice. May you find grace and joy for your spiritual journey!

* Stay tuned! In the coming days I will post some spiritual practice ideas and suggestions for your consideration.

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Has Your Spiritual Practice Gone Stale? (response to: Has Your Spiritual Practice Gone Stale? )
Posted by: Lucy
December 31 5:00 PM
I've seen spiritual growth happen when life throws a curve ball. It's harder to make oneself grow intentionally. Sometimes I feel like Pooh Bear in my spiritual practice: "Think, think, think..." Nothing much comes of it, or that's what it seems like anyway.

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