Embodiment Meditation

Do you ever want something different than stillness in meditation? Do you long for embodiment? Having your body, mind, heart, and spirit all in the same place at the same time… Being your whole self? In embodiment meditation, you can use a spectrum of movement, stillness, silence, and voice. You can learn practices that will help release stress, as well as create more ease and joy. Practices are inspired by InterPlay, which offers some simple and playful forms to help us unlock the wisdom of our bodies – and change our lives and our communities for the better! No movement or meditation experience necessary. All ages and all abilities welcome!

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Drumming As Spiritual Practice

Connect with a primal and essential aspect of your spirituality through drumming! Rhythm is intrinsic to the world in which we live. Join us for an exploration of drumming as a spiritual practice. No drumming experience necessary. We will have some drums on hand to use during the gathering, so no drum is necessary either. Your interest in drumming and a desire to nurture your spirit are all that are required!

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Dreaming Together

This group will meet to talk, share, interpret and think about the world we visit when we are asleep—dreams! From dreaming about snippets of our day to big life-changing dreams, each dream we have is a one-of-a-kind and can offer wisdom to us.

In this group, every participant will have the opportunity to share a dream or two. Together we will learn about techniques to help us remember and interpret our dreams using a variety of tools. We will also explore the connections between our dreams and spirituality. The only requirement is a willingness to be attentive to the dreams of others. Even those who do not remember their dreams can have fun listening to and interpreting the dreams of others. The group will be facilitated by a practiced dream interpreter, who will share resources and wisdom from dreamers through the ages.

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Wrestling With Religion – A Book Group

Does mainstream religion and the people who claim it make you want to run screaming? You are not alone!

Do you find some of the things from the religion of your childhood or culture still speak to you, even though you are often offended by the way it is lived out around you? You are not alone!

In this book group we are going to explore the writings of people who critique Christianity (the most challenging religion for many of us to grapple with) and offer perspectives from outside the traditional boundaries of this faith system. Our intention is not only to bring a critical eye but to step back and see if there is anything meaningful to reclaim for our individual and community spirituality.

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Stitched Together- Put Your Needles To Work For Others!

Meet new people, knit or crochet and help others, while chatting over coffee or a bite to eat. Come join us!

Create knitted or crocheted projects for:
Homeless Animals
Children in a war-torn country
Women surviving domestic violence
Soldiers far from home
Families who have lost their home
Babies and children with cancer or AIDS

We have patterns, yarn and ideas to share!

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Inquire Within — A Resource & Support Group

This is a group for people who are trying to cope with the fallout of the current recession. Whether you have lost your job or are otherwise struggling economically, it can be difficult to stay hopeful and motivated. Yet hope and motivation are the very things needed to land a new job, or positively change your situation.

This group provides support, information, and accountability for those who need a little help getting motivated in their job search. Group meetings will offer support such as free resume advice from an HR professional, positive approaches to common interview challenges, and networking opportunities.

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Quiet Please! Meditation For People Who Can’t Sit Still

Hectic schedule? Pulled in a thousand directions? Spend time with us for a few moments of quiet time. The sound of your heart beat and the rustling of the leaves are the loudest noises you may hear as we gather for some time to reflect, listen and quiet our spirits. We will explore a different form of reflection each time we meet. All you need to do is come with an open mind and spirit.

Some of the forms of reflection we will explore:
Walking Reflection
Focused Breathing

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